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Articles on Fashion Designing
Block Printing Size Does Matter Traditional Skirts from ..
Block Printing

The art of block printing is nothing new to India. A traditional art, it has been in existence since times immortal! So what exactly is block printing and how did it evolve? Let us study that in detail. More...

Size Does Matter!

Stocking clothes for the young and petite damsels is never a problem. But what about the women who cannot fit into those clothes? This is exactly what the brand apparel shop called `Revolution` is famous for! Let us go ahead and explore as to what exactly has it got in store for the larger sized women! More...

Traditional Skirts from Gujarat

The traditional skirts of Gujarat are the ones very famous, which make a woman more feminine! These vintage skirts are the products of the diligent artisans, brought down to us from generations! Let us learn something more about this craft, which is considered as an `in thing` even today! More... | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us